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WordPress is so ubiquitous on the internet now that almost twenty-five per cent of all websites are powered by the software. The easy availability of best free WordPress themes has also contributed greatly to its popularity. You can learn more about WordPress on its official website. The much-loved software is admired for its relative ease of use even for people who wouldn't consider themselves as tech-savvy, and it has been in existence since 2003. It is the brainchild of two developers – Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The name was suggested by a friend of the pair, and thus WordPress was born.
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WordPress has gone from humble beginnings in the last ten years to the market leading content management software on the world wide web. It is so popular that 23.3% of the top ten million internet websites utilize the content management system to run their sites. And a good percentage of them were created using free WP themes. It is a little known fact about WordPress that their releases are codenamed after well-known Jazz musicians.

The sheer convenience and wide range of features available on WordPress means that it is the ideal platform to start up that internet based business or personal blog you have been planning for. Even if you run a website at present, it is a good idea to switch it over to WordPress to get the most out of it. The good thing about WordPress is that it is very accessible for people who have never studied any kind of coding. The way premium WordPress themes are normally built, it becomes extremely easy for anyone and everyone to play around with the presentation and content of the website.

This is not to detract from it or call it an over-simplistic platform though. It is far from that. With the right knowledge, WordPress can be manipulated whatever way you want it to be and fine-tuned to suit the very specific needs of your own website. With all of this in mind, you'd be mad not to base your next web project on the WordPress platform, regardless of whether it is a personal project or a business one.

Before you get started into installing and customizing the software, there are a couple of key points you should know if you want to run a successful WordPress website. Here are what we consider the golden rules for your WP website. They are presented in no particular hierarchy, all points should be given equal weight and importance. Following these three rules will give you a solid foundation to get started with WordPress:

• Choose The Right WordPress Theme. Given that the majority of this website is based around best WordPress themes, this is an appropriate point to start with. It is vital to choose from among the best WP themes or WordPress templates, for your website. Aesthetics are as important as usability on the internet nowadays. Think of popular websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All of them are pleasing to the eye. A good looking website increases the chances of users returning and attracts new users to a web page. The great thing about WordPress is that the best WP themes (including the free WordPress themes) are easy to install. A click of a button and your website can take on a whole different look. The thing is that there are so many choices on the WP marketplace that it is difficult to find and choose a good one. You are spoilt for choice.

Without the existence of WordPress, having the aesthetics of your website sorted would mean the need to hire a professional web developer. With best WP themes, this work is already done for you, so that you can focus on simply choosing a WordPress theme instead of having one designed for you from scratch and investing a considerable amount of cash to do it. To pick a good theme you want one that looks good, is secure and doesn't cause any issues with the loading time of your website. The last point is important because slow loading times detract people from revisiting your blog or e-business. Lost clicks equals lost revenue. And lost revenue is the first step on the dreary road to a failed business.

Choosing one that looks good is a matter of personal preference, but browsing the markets for free WordPress themes or premium WordPress themes, that have good reviews is a decent start in terms of not picking a bummer of a theme. Try to avoid going too generic with the WordPress template’s choice, it should be one that not everybody is using in your niche. Check out competitors' websites. This is even important if your website is a personal project. You will still be competing with people on a personal website. But this time for readership instead of money.

• Get Good plug-ins. Good plug-ins are essential in running a smooth and functional website that users want to return to. Many are free but you need to pay for a lot of the better ones. There are plug-ins for forms and registrations to your website. Getting a good form plug-in should be near the top of your priorities in terms of plug-ins. There are also brilliant plug-ins available for linking your website to your social networking accounts. This is crucial in keeping your readers or customers informed about new content and new products available. You should recognize the importance of social networks and your plug-in should be tested to ensure that it share the correct content. It is also a good idea to take advantage of a pop-up plug-in that is designed to appear after the user stays on the website for a certain predetermined amount of time. These kinds of plug-ins are typically used to expand your mailing list and thus increase the size of your market or readership.

• Get A Good Web Host. There is no point in going to the effort of making a WordPress website if you are going to service it with a poor web hosting platform. There is a balance here between your budget, the amount of effort you are willing to put in to your site and the performance you want. In general you do not want to avail of a free web hosting service. It will cause you more problems that it is worth. Time spent offline is detrimental whether your website is business-oriented or a personal project. Lost sales or loss readership is never a good thing and a poor web hosting platform will only lead to frustration and extended down time. Hosting services like Bluehost or Hostgator are affordable and deliver good performance.