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Welcome to This website is designed for user of the popular Content Management System software WordPress (including anyone looking for high quality Free WordPress Templates). The software is used by a staggering one quarter of all internet websites which means that of the top ten thousand websites on the internet, at least 2,500 of them are using WordPress. This gives credence to its claim of being the number one content management software on the web and by far the best way to start a new blog or e-business.

There is a lot of things one needs to learn about WordPress when using it to run their website. This website does not focus on the technical specifications. Instead, we are all about themes. A WordPress theme much like a theme on your mobile phone is what makes your website look the way it does, and it also plays a huge part in how well it runs. This is why the choice of theme is so important in the successful running of any WordPress website. There are over 40,000 themes (including the Free WordPress Templates) to choose from on the market.

It is a decision that might seem trivial at first but turns out to be one of the make or break decisions for your website. For example, if you choose a theme on your mobile phone you only really care about how it looks first. But you might start to notice issues with how your smartphone performs when you enable a certain theme. Now think of how these issues affect a website. You may choose something that looks cool or slick, but your website could perform badly when this theme is enabled. This is why it is vital to pick themes that not only possess striking visuals, but also have the ability to run on your website as smooth on a mobile phone or tablet as it does on the desktop version with quick loading times.

Paid and Free WordPress templates (themes) can be as simple or as complicated as you like. For many people with no coding background the decision involves whether the theme looks good, performs well and does not contain any security flaws. For other individuals who want a more personalized theme, you can either delve into tinkering with transparency on headers, different colour combinations and widgets. Or you can go further with a bit of programming knowledge and even alter the HTML or CSS code to obtain even more pinpoint customization. This involves manipulation of what looks like a foreign language to the untrained eye.

Most people starting a website do not want to get into the coding side of things. This website is not interested in that. What we aim to give our readers is extensive knowledge on the best themes available for a specific set of niches. We also like to delve into what makes a good WordPress theme and other theme related issues. It is a daunting task starting a new e-business venture and many people fail because their choice of theme is poor.

A good article to start with is our homepage article. This is an extensive article that gives general information on WordPress. Maybe you have not reached the stage of having to choose your theme yet. We don't need to tell you why to choose WordPress. This article is geared towards people who have already picked it as their content management software of choice and want to know what makes up the foundation of the software they will be using. Following the three foundational rules in this article will give you a solid platform from which to launch your website. People sometimes try to complicate things too much in the e-business world, and a quick read through this article should clear up any misconceptions you may have about whether it is difficult to get started with WordPress. We can only wish you the best of luck on your journey!

After you have obtained foundational WordPress knowledge, another informative article on this website is our article on the three defining factors when choosing a WordPress theme for business purposes. Personal projects on the net, whilst important to people, are nowhere near as much of an investment as business ventures. It is pivotal that your online company has the right image from the outset, and this will be reflected in your choice of theme. You can read this important article at our Business WordPress themes page.

We also have other great articles that target particular niches such as news websites, fashion and food blogs (also providing you with some high quality Free WordPress Templates). Here at 1001freewpthemes we like to cater to everybody, which is why less emphasis is placed on technical information and more emphasis on general info. There are some technological terms such as our article on the Genesis framework, but we do our best to explain this in a clear and concise way before introducing you to why it is a good idea to buy Genesis for your website. If you are interested you can read more here, at Genesis Framework page.