All About The Bloq Theme And Flat Design WordPress Themes

Flat design is a hot trend in the WordPress themes market. Much like the fashion world, the world of website design is evolving all the time. The trend of flat themes really took off with the introduction of the Windows Phone and iOS 7. The design of a modern website is about providing something that is both engaging and interactive for end-users. Flat themes use the latest in HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 technology to provide a beautiful looking theme for your website that is both responsive and modern in its performance and aesthetics. It is difficult to convey in words what a flat design encompasses. It is more of a trend that has to be seen with the eyes to be understood. The crux of it is that it displays your content as the outstanding feature on your website, with a background image that fades into the background but provides a good platform for your images and text to stand out on.

Flat web design has been around for a good few years now. But it has been difficult to access unless you had prior programming knowledge because most of the flat themes on the WordPress market place have not been up to scratch. That has changed within the last year or two though, and there are now a wide range of choices that are suitable for any website. The design is quite minimal in nature. It eliminates complex shapes from your site such as shadows, bubbles and 3D effects to focus on a simplistic look that lets the content and not the graphics shine through. You will find that the majority of professional web developers gravitate towards a flat theme design for their personal sites because it recognizes the 2D nature of a computer screen and builds its appeal around that. The flat themes give any website a more modern feel and leave users satisfied at a positive and engaging interaction.

The best part about flat design is that its roots can be traced to use on mobile devices. This means that all flat WordPress themes are constructed and coded with mobile devices in mind. They are the cornerstone of how websites should look, no matter what the screen size you view them on. Here are some great examples of flat WordPress themes that can give a better indication than any description about what to expect from this trend:

Bloq theme. This is a wonderful theme for creative enthusiasts such as photographers. It was developed by elite theme author themelovin on the WordPress Themeforest website. You can have a look for yourself at it here: It is a multipurpose flat theme suitable for creative people. The theme features a nifty dedicated control panel that allows users to customize their website to the max and get the most out of it. There are an impressive ten different colour schemes to choose from, depending on your personal creative preferences. The Bloq theme features impressive detail even to the extent of allowing you to customize how the mouse hovers over individual creative works. There is also the ability to scan a QR code for single view high resolution displays of photographs and other such artistic creations. The Bloq theme is available for a fair price of $44 that includes a brilliant six months of top class support from the theme's creator. You also get automatic access to future updates that may enhances the theme's functionality. We have included Bloq as the perfect flat design option for the creative types among you who are looking for a specific flat theme to display your portfolio of photographs or graphics on your new WordPress website. Check the link out for yourself to see why we rate this one so well.