The Three Defining Factors When Picking A WP Theme For Business Purposes

Choosing an ideal Business WordPress theme for your business that will help to add value and entice potential prospects to buy whatever it is that you are selling is a tricky game and a source of much consternation among newbies to the e-business universe. The problem is a matter of choice. There is just such an extensive range of themes on the WP marketplace that it is easy to become plagued by a touch of the old analysis paralysis. This is an uncomfortable feeling of being overwhelmed to the extent that you end up either doing nothing or worse even backing out of your idea to set up an internet business.

The possibilities for obtaining income online are endless - selling products, monetizing a blog or offering services such as online teaching are just a few of the many ways people make a living online. The shift to online income will only increase as technology advances further. If you want to get the best out of your website, you have probably decided to take the plunge with WordPress. After installing it, you are faced with the choice of picking a theme. How should your website look? How can you differentiate yourself from competitors with a theme choice? How much of an investment should you make in a theme? There are several factors to consider. Careful choice of a theme is an investment of time that can pay significant dividends to you. Here are three of the most important factors.

• SEO. It is vital to consider SEO when picking a theme for your website. If you want to make money, you need to be ranked high in Google's rankings. They have a complex algorithm, and countless books have been written about how to optimize a website for SEO. It may surprise you to learn that your choice of Business WordPress theme can affect your SEO rankings. Picking a theme for your website that is not "SEO Optimized" is a bad choice. There is a box beside every theme that tells you whether the developer has factored SEO optimization into his code when developing the theme. A WP theme that has not had this treatment is likely to give your website errors such as leaving out tags and problems with dynamic URLs.

• Speed. How fast your web pages load is a clear factor in whether the product or service you are selling will actually be sold or not. A Business WordPress theme that is clunky or has so much extraneous and irrelevant code written into it will not perform up to scratch. Fast loading web pages give users a good impression of your website. Anyone who visits will know that it is being run in a professional manner. There have also been some studies that show fast loading web pages improves the SEO rankings of your website. The better your ranking, the more visitors you get. And getting people to visit your page is half the battle in an e-commerce setting. The rest of it is down to the content you provide.

It makes sense therefore to choose a Business WordPress theme that runs in a smooth and efficient manner. Some themes come pre-installed with loads of plug-ins that you may never need. Others will have a lot of Javascript animations coded into them. Then you have the WordPress themes that have downright poor coding. An easy way to gauge the speed of a potential theme for your e-business website is to run a speed test using the URL of the theme demo. The slower the speed the worse the theme. I would say anything over 3.25 seconds should be avoided like the plague. These themes tend to send hundreds of HTTP requests before displaying your content. Slow loading pages frustrate users. Get a fast and efficient theme. Simple as that.

• Security. This is often overlooked by people when creating a website for business purposes. But it should be one of the first factors you consider when downloading a Business WordPress theme. You need to buy a theme that has an abundance of reviews on the WP marketplace so that you can be safe in the knowledge that it does not contain any major security flaws. You can also look to community websites such as Themeforest for indications of stellar developers. The ratings that customers give themes is a clear sign of how secure you can expect it to be. This might seem unfair in that it doesn't give much scope for new developers to enter the market. But this is business we're talking about. There is no time for empathy when trying to maximize profits. If you must know, new developers can enter the market quite easily. There are many people who test themes and provide reviews. This ensures that the good ones gain the recognition they deserve.