Beautiful Niche WordPress Themes From ElegantThemes

If you are looking for a theme that takes the appeal of nice visuals to the next level with stunning themes for your website, read on. There is a group of themes designed by a group of developers calling themselves Elegant Themes. The name is self-explanatory in this case. Their goal is to develop gorgeous and smooth-running themes for your website that can attract readers and have them coming back for more mesmeric visuals. Elegant Themes provide WordPress themes that have that extra bit of class to them. That touch of panache that makes you stand back and admire how the website looks so damn good. As you should know if you are venturing into the e-business world or even just starting a website to share some information, first impressions count for everything. The same is true in the real world. Psychologists have said that when we meet someone, we suss out with in a second or two whether we will like them. The same can be said for our first impressions of websites. We can figure if a website looks terrible without any coding background. That is the intelligence of the human eye. This is why it important to impress with the look of your website, and Elegant Themes aim to do just that. A responsive design captures visitors interests and leads to sales. It is as simple as that. To attract prospects to your e-business, you should consider buying a premium theme from Elegant Themes.

The beauty of signing up to them is that you gain access to a whole range of themes for under $50 per year. The themes are also search engine friendly meaning that you won't be deducted points for using them on your site. Here are some of the best examples of themes that have been designed by the guys at Elegant Themes. These themes target a specific niche and that is what we feel the Elegant Themes range achieves best - targeting a certain group and developing a theme that will cater for their needs.

Nova WordPress Theme. A lot of writers and software developers make the mistake of not setting up a specific website that shows off a portfolio of their best work. Most just go for run of the mill sites that have already been set up and host thousands of other portfolios. This is a big mistake because your work will stand out. Showcasing your talents on a generic website is a waste when you can set up a WordPress theme and install something beautiful like Nova theme within the space of an hour.

Nova is a sharp and suave theme that presents your work in an authentic and professional manner. It works across all popular browsers including Mozilla, Chrome and Safari ensuring that just about anyone with internet access can see your work. You have six colour schemes to choose from which is already an upgrade on the generic colours that most pooling portfolio websites use. There is also a versatile slider feature which can be used to quickly flick through your best work. This of prime importance for people like photographers whose work can be browsed through within minutes. If you are thinking of displaying your portfolio on the net, you could do a lot worse than choose Nova Theme.

ElegantEstate Theme. This is a prime example of an Elegant Theme that is targeted at a specific niche. The result is nothing other than stupendous. This theme allows for the creation of a fully functional real estate website. It looks beautiful but the real crux of the theme lies in the features it offers. There is an integrated Google maps plug-in for property location, which is very handy for people who are interested in a property and don't know the area all that well. The theme is easy to use and adding new property listings is an absolute doddle.

We have come to expect themes that deliver on the visual front with Elegant Themes, but the Elegant Estate theme delivers on all fronts. Installing this theme on your real estate WordPress website will help with converting visitors into buyers. The them presents photos in an exquisite manner, ensuring that any prospects can get a high resolution view of their potential new homes.

There are other great features that just add to the appeal of this theme. These include automatic thumbnail resizing. This is handy because when a user hovers over a property it will enlarge to give them a bigger snapshot of the home. There are also four different colour schemes to choose from depending on your personal preferences and how you want to present your real estate buyers. Remember that you want to attract attention and keep it. The Elegant Estate Theme manages to achieve these goals thanks to the combination of impressive visuals and nifty usability.