Great Theme Ideas For Your Fashion Website

If fashion is going to be the subject of any potential blog or business, you need to ensure that you choose from among the best Fashion WP themes for your portal. Much like the subject matter at hand, your choice of theme needs to reflect an element of flair. It needs to look trendy and stylish. Imagine visiting a fashion website with a clunky theme and out of date visual elements that were used half a decade ago. This would put off any readers or customers from ever visiting your site again. This is of particular pertinence to online entrepreneurs who are thinking of delving into starting a fashion-based business using WordPress as the platform for it all. Even if your aim is just blogging about fashion, you will want to make it stand out in a way that is characteristic of your brand or your fashion sense.

The thing about focusing on appearances to that extent is that beneath something so beautiful there is often a hollow personality devoid of any semblance of flair or even basic functionality. While the focus of your theme should be on appearances as a fashionista, you should also strive to ensure that the theme functions well underneath its beauty. There is no point in making your website look great if people can't use it. A lot of fashion websites go wrong with their theme choice and end up having something that looks great but doesn't offer basic functional aspects like a good shopping cart to add your items to or magnified zooming so that customers can see the items they are interested in in greater detail than an out-of-focus snapshot. With all of this in mind, here are some examples of impressive fashion themes that will make your website the talk of the fashion world!

Soledad. This WordPress theme is a remarkable feat of web developing, and is counted amongst the top Fashion WP themes out there. It is a stylish person's dream and is wonderful to look at. The buck doesn't stop with its aesthetics though, it is also a joy to navigate. Beneath the beautiful exterior is a personality to match. The menus are easy to switch between and the slide show views offer websites owners a wonderful way to sell their products. It is also a powerful theme. Soledad is developed with the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 coding in mind. Its beauty translates well to mobile devices with a similar experience when browsing with an android, iphone or tablet device. There are over one hundred different layouts to choose from, ensuring the level of customization needed from any fashion blog. The theme is easy to install, offers brilliant flexibility and top-notch support. Download it at for only $49. A worthwhile venture for anyone who is serious about running a fashion website.

Aururum. As we've mentioned, how your website looks is of extra importance in the fashion world. Something regarded as fashionable by one person can be regarded as hideous by another. But there are some Fashion WP themes that transcend personal taste. Aururum is this theme. It is minimalist in nature, meaning that it doesn't try to over-complicate matters by adding loads of different widgets to your WordPress site that you don't need. Aururum does what matters. It runs smoothly and ensures your web pages load up in no time at all. Aururum does what is required in the background but lets the sleekness of its design shine through to give online shoppers for fashion items a wonderful and memorable experience. It also comes with a touch-optimized revolving product viewer which makes the mobile experience of using a website that runs this theme very pleasant indeed. There is a skin builder which users can manipulate to their own tastes and you can pick a transparent header for your fashion website that gives it that edginess and trendiness that you will no doubt need. The theme also contains a clever Layer Slider that allows you to display your most popular items or special offers in a stylish manner. There are also four different hover effects for items. Aururum seems to have been designed with fashion in mind, and the look/performance combination reflects that. Download it at and receive six months support when you buy the theme for your WordPress website.

Mango is another good alternative if your blog or website is based on the fashion niche. This particular theme is more suited to those of you who want to start a fashion blog. The design is clean and simple, providing ample opportunity to show off your fashion opinions or discuss the latest trends in the fashion world. The user experience is smooth and fast, vital for anyone who wants to retain visitors. There are unlimited colours with the theme and over 600 font options. You should consider using it for your fashion blog. At $44 it is an absolute steal, considering how expensive good Fashion WP themes can be these days. It is available to buy from this link: