Gaming WordPress Themes. The Best Choices Available

The gaming industry is going through extraordinary growth at the moment. Current generation consoles like the Xbox One and PS4 have taken gaming to the next level with stunning graphics and processors that perform like a dream. The gaming community across the globe is huge. Clear examples can be seen in the queues outside game stores whenever a much-anticipated new release hits the shelves. Whether it is London, New York, Sydney or Bangkok you can be certain that there is a thriving gaming community.

We’ve also seen an explosion in the casual gaming market. People are flocking to download games on to their Android or Apple devices to play whilst commuting to work or in the waiting room for an appointment with their GP. This is where games such as Angry Birds and Miniclip Pool come to the fore. Perfect to pass a few minutes.

If you have even a passing interest in gaming and you are looking for an online source of income, you could do worse than build a blog centered around games. You don't need to be a developer. Just produce content that is informative, engaging and unique. People are always looking for information about new games or hints and tips on how to beat difficult levels in existing games. Choosing a good theme as ever for your WordPress website is important in enticing people to visit and stick around. Here is a look at some of the better WP Game themes that are geared towards a niche that is now bigger than the film industry:

Goodlife. This is a brilliant theme for a blog that revolves around gaming and with the right choice of background it can prove to look mesmeric. It is simple to find and install on WordPress. A simple search for "Goodlife" in the WP marketplace will take you straight to the theme. The great thing about Goodlife is that it caters for all users. Whether you are a complete novice WordPress user or a code fanatic that knows the ins and outs of HTML5 and CSS3, Goodlife allows you to create inspiring and impressive game-based websites.

The layout is wonderful with intuitive instructions on how best to optimize the look of your website to your own needs. Goodlife also functions well on any browser or device making it perfect for a gaming demographic. The thing about the gaming community is that they are quite tech-savvy. This leaves less room for errors if you want to impress with your website. You don't need to worry too much because the Visual Composer tool that comes with the theme will help you to tweak the look and feel of your site until it matches your vision. With a gaming website you want to include high-resolution still images that accompany your articles. Goodlife is perfect for this, allowing the images to do the talking. The theme is available to buy at

Gauge. This is another stellar one from various WP Game themes that are aimed specifically towards the gaming niche. It is specific in its design. This is for people who run a website that centres around reviewing games. Think of the likes of IGN and GameSpot.

Gauge has received universal critical acclaim among the people who have bought it. A cursory glance at the comment section on the theme download page shows users impressed with its outstanding quality as a gaming review theme. The rating display is trendy, sleek and eye-catching. When anyone visits a review aggregating website they want the reviews to be presented in a professional and stylish manner that adds to their credibility. This Gauge theme brings all of that to the table. You even have a pros and cons section to add to your reviews to provide a snapshot summary of the good and bad features of any game on the market.

There is also the option to add video trailers to the headers of different pages. This can be used to invoke feelings of anticipation in visitors to your site about upcoming games, encouraging them to return for more teasers or information. There is a brilliant hub feature that collaborates all the important things you want to know about a certain game and puts it in the one place. With the click of a button users can browse through latest news, videos, release dates and more.

Another great feature of the Gauge theme is that it enables you to monetize your review site by turning it into an online store that runs parallel to the review section (something that you won’t find in many WP Game themes). Whatever gaming related goods you decide to sell, the WooCommerce plug-in that comes as part of the theme will cater to your needs. It would be tough to find a better WP theme for a games review website than Gauge.

You can download the Gauge theme for your WordPress website at