The Best Generic WordPress Themes On The Market

It might seem that niche is a buzz word in terms of internet based businesses. Every article you come across on the net when googling terms such as "how to monetize a blog" or “how to make money on the Internet using free WordPress themes, free WP themes” tells you to focus on a niche. Without fail this advice is given to budding entrepreneurs who want to switch their attention to online sources of income. While it is not bad advice, there are many successful websites that do not focus on a niche, instead providing information for people who are part of very different sub-groups.

For example, a sports website can be described as being targeted at people who want information about sport or to buy items related to sports. But not everybody likes the same sports. A website that focuses on the topic of sport is way too general to be classified as a niche market. Similarly, there is an abundance of lifestyle blogs on the internet. Lifestyle is such a broad topic encompassing everything from fitness to diet to spiritual practise that it is silly to classify it as a niche. Overuse of words like niche can detract and discourage people from starting websites. Some of them read the common advice and think "well the information I want to provide or the products I want to sell covers too broad of a market so that it might not appeal to anyone in particular".

Targeting your website at something like lifestyle or sports is often discouraged by internet "gurus" because the automatic assumption is that these websites will not provide specific enough information to target a certain demographic. This is misguided advice though, and it disregards the talent and ability some people have to get other interested in what they have to say. Having a voice on the net means you can talk about any subject and make people want to listen to you. It does not matter one iota what you are talking about really. If you write about your content or you sell your products in an engaging and captivating way, you will succeed as an online entrepreneur. Even if the subject of your website could be considered in such terms as general, generic or broad.

If you decide to venture into more general topics and create your website on the WordPress platform, the pertinence of choosing a good theme is still as relevant as it is for niche websites or blogs. The problem is that you are even more spoilt for choice than those that target a specific market, as there are plenty of good quality WordPress themes (free and paid) available out there. You can only narrow down your search to something like "lifestyle" or "sport" but even then you might be missing out on some fantastic general themes. You would be better off seeing some good examples of general themes that can be applied to almost any website or blog that runs WordPress. Without further ado, here are two such themes:

X Theme. This is a fantastic multi-purpose theme that suits any kind of blog or website to a tee. You can apply it to websites that don't focus on a specific topic and it is flexible enough to be customized to fit a particular niche. The X theme is fully response with an innovative and sleek design. It is coded to meet the latest standards of HTML5 and CSS technology, meaning its responsiveness carries over to mobile devices. The page builder is simple to use meaning content can seamlessly be added to your website with a drag-and-drop button. There is a preview pane that allows you to test the looks of your website after any font or colour changes have been applied. There are over 600 fonts included in the theme pack that provide lots of options to stand out from the crowd. You also get Gravity Forms included for easy sign-up to your mailing list and nifty social sharing buttons. This theme has everything you want from a good general blanket theme that does everything you want to make your WordPress website look and run smooth.

Bridge. This is a wonderful theme that adds a professional looking style to any website. This is the theme you want to choose if your online presence is important. Any type of blog or e-business gets a couple of doses of professionalism and credibility with the use of this theme alone. Another great thing is that it is Retina ready, which means that any tablet devices that possess the retina display capabilities will show your website in crystal clear stunning high-definition. The user interface for the Bridge WordPress theme is straightforward to use, allowing you to add a near limitless amount of sliders, images or videos to enhance your website. It is coded using the QODE framework, so you know that you are buying a stable and secure theme with Bridge. This theme works well with all websites so you should consider it if you need a multi-purpose theme.