The Very Best Theme For Your Real Estate Website

Choosing an appropriate WordPress theme for a real estate agency is a tricky decision. You want something that looks good and showcases the property that you are selling in the best possible light. This means a big emphasis on photographs and less emphasis on clunky and complicated layouts. It is also of paramount importance that you choose a theme that has an integrated property finder via Google Maps. People often want to suss out the area that a potential home is in before committing to it, and in a world that is more dependant on technology by the year, most people can check out an area on Goggle Maps without needing to leave their current residence. You don't want a theme that has a complex dashboard with lots of features. The main aim of a real estate website is to sell houses so a theme that displays the homes beautifully in high-resolution and has the functional aspects of Google Maps should suffice.

Before embarking on building your real estate website, it is important that you glean a sense of what makes a good WordPress theme for it. This will help shed your available property in the best possible light. Choosing a theme such as the below one will help to increase sales. Buying property is a big commitment and people want to be sure they are dealing with a reputable and professional company. A good choice of theme goes a long way towards convincing visitors to your website of this. Bear in mind also that a lot of people browsing the property market will be using tablet or mobile devices. Any potential theme needs to be fully responsive on all devices. Here is a cracking example of a real estate theme. It is not often that we recommend just one theme for a category but this one is in a class of its own.

Real Places. This theme is a real estate agency's dream. It has been designed by InspiryThemes, an elite theme developer on the website. This theme includes a nifty advanced property search tool. This powerful tool allows potential buyers to specify properties by location, area(size) and even price range. What this means is that prospective buyers can hone in on the exact property that they want. Sometimes real estate agencies display property that is too generic. With such an investment of money needed to buy property, people are quite specific in what they desire from a potential new home, and who can blame them? The theme features advanced Google Maps support that allows you to display the location of the homes features on your website as well as markers that show extensive details about the property. There is also a useful drag-and-drop layout for your home page enabling easy control of what gets displayed first to visitors.

The buck does not stop there though. The Real Places theme also allows you to choose from three different design styles for your property detail pages. There is also a similar properties feature that guides potential buyers to other homes like the one they are currently browsing. This is helpful because prospective customers often don't like a certain thing about a home and decide to end their search. In this case, a helpful nod towards another property may well give them the impetus to keep browsing, resulting in that all-important sale. It is not often we recommend just one theme for a certain category but the Real Places theme is that good that is deserves to be all on its own.

You can download the Real Places theme at