StudioPress Themes For Food Bloggers

This post is written based on the assumption that you have the Genesis Framework installed on your WordPress website. To read more about the Genesis Framework and understand what it is, click on this link.

Writing a successful photography or food blog is a tough gig. The impression that users get upon visiting your website will depend obviously on the quality of the images that accompanies any content. In fact, for food and photo blogs, content comes a distant second. You can't write any old gibberish, but if you deliver flawed copy you can get away with it by producing high quality images that present whatever it you are taking pictures of shine through in the best possible light. There are tonnes of successful food blogs on the internet that are run using the WordPress content management system. Check out Mark Wien's website for a perfect example of how a food blog should look. It emphasises pictures delivering mouthwatering snapshots of exotic Thai food in all its glory. The food looks so good that you are almost tempted to jump on a plane to Thailand so you can eat it for yourself.

There is over 50 child themes to choose from the StudioPress range to accompany the parent Genesis Framework (including the free StudioPress themes). Choosing the right one for your food-oriented site can be a daunting task. You need to decide if your website needs a custom theme, or you would prefer one that works for your website "out of the box".

When deciding on any theme for a food blog you need to consider two things. How well does the theme present the pictures you have taken of your food and how well does the theme integrate recipes into its layout. They are the most important specific factors you need to consider. You should also bear in mind the usual considerations when picking a WordPress theme. Speed, Security and Search Engine Optimization.

The Foodie Pro Theme is a good place to start. This innovative and beautiful theme presents your food in the best possible light. It features all the impressive coding that StudioPress are known for ensuring a smooth running and functional food-oriented blog. Your homepage with FoodiePro can be fine-tuned to extraordinary detail. There’s a vast array of widgets available and the responsive sidebar slider is a dream to work with. You can also choose to go for the minimalist approach and let the pictures talk for themselves. The font is attractive and there is scope for extra widgets above and below the page headers. This gives you ample opportunity to insert your advertising without looking to eager or intrusive. There is also a wonderful built-in widget for showing off your recipes in a professional and legible manner. The great thing is that this level of customization does not need any level of coding. If you are a food blogger, this theme is one hundred per cent the place to start. It looks great, it's easy to use, it has a solid foundation with the Genesis Framework and it utilizes the latest in HTML5 technology to provide a smooth experience no matter what device is being used. Foodie Pro can be bought at

Foodie Pro is not the only example of exciting food based themes that use the Genesis Framework. Step forward Daily Dish Pro Theme. This superb theme is yet another impressive child theme released by the guys at StudioPress to complement their Genesis framework. This theme seems to have been designed with the goal of presenting your food content as impressively as any Michelin starred restaurant presents their dishes.

Daily Dish Pro is coded based on a "Content Focused Design". This means that the text, images and videos on your food blog are always kept as the focus. As we've mentioned before, the images are the most pivotal part in attracting visitors to a food blog, with content such as recipes coming in second place. Daily Dish recognizes the importance of presenting images and text at the forefront of your site, removing any clutter and meeting the criteria you'd expect from a StudioPress blog. Loading up a blog with this theme running is always a pleasant experience with quick loading times and wonderful legibility. The theme features a dynamic response which means that your website will perform the same across all types of devices, with images and text automatically adjusting based on the resolution of the screen it has been loaded onto.

There is an impressive range of customization options on offer once you have installed the theme. You can change the layout, the fonts, the background etc. It is straightforward to display adds in a noticeable way that doesn't interfere with the provision of information to readers. Daily Dish Pro is another stellar offering from the developers at StudioPress and you should consider it if you are starting a food blog or even running one already and looking for something a bit different. Please note, though you can even make do with free StudioPress themes, the features available in Pro or paid themes are often too hard to resist! You can buy daily Dish Pro at