ThemeForest - Theme Compilation Website Review

Given that we pride ourselves on delivering information to our readers about various WordPress themes, most of which are contained on theme collection websites like ThemeForest, we thought it was about time we gave an overview of what we think of ThemeForest for downloading WordPress themes.

The website is powered by Envato, which is an Australian creative company that hires all sorts of web developers to create themes. They also hire other creative types. Envator run tens of different websites all aimed at creative types, but Themeforest is by far their most successful one. All the themes produced on the Themeforest platform have been quality checked by Envato, so you should never hesitate to buy any WordPress theme from their website if your fear is quality control.

The platform is choc-full of world class website designers. This leads to an extensive collection of brilliant themes. The reason we recommend Themeforest is simple. It is a pooling together of some of the brightest talent in the web design market. This means that each theme has been designed by professionals at the top of their trade, ensuring every single detail you need for your website is likely covered by at least one of their themes. The fact that there are thousands available there should provide the impetus to choose Themeforest to buy your themes from.

It is not uncommon for theme designers to have their entry submissions onto the Themeforest platform rejected, such is the high level of quality demanded by the controllers at Envato. This means you can be safe in the knowledge that every single theme has been tested to rigorous industry standards. Envato wants to ensure that your information, and the information of the people that use your website are kept safe and not vulnerable to any attempts by hackers to exploit weaknesses.

With over 2,600 themes to choose from, you are not spoilt for choice at all on the Themeforest marketplace. We also reviewed a different aggregator site in another post about ElegantThemes. The difference between the two websites is that Themeforest allows for submissions from anyone with a web development background, whilst the themes on elegant Themes are all produced by a single company with people collaborating on different projects. The result is that ThemeForest contains more variation than Elegant Themes, with individual creativity allowed to shine through.

ThemeForest has WordPress themes for all the main website categories you can expect. These include but are not limited to: blog, magazine, sport, technology, ecommerce and html5.

A big factor in choosing the right theme for your website is how much it will cost you. There are free themes on the WordPress marketplace but they are free for a reason - they don't offer anything in the way of support and they may not be as secure as paid themes. Of all the different theme websites on the internet, ThemeForest is in the middle of the price range. Their lack of special deals such as 4 themes in 1 that other websites offer is a bit of a bummer, but with themes ranging in price from between $30 and $60 you will not be breaking the bank to make your website take on the right look and feel.

The majority of themes on ThemeForest come with support. This is a vital attraction because when you are in the early stages of setting up a website, it can be hard to get your head around some things. You may also find that you run into problems in getting your theme set up just how you need it. The great thing about Themeforest is that practically all of their themes come with six months full support from the developer. You also get the option to extend the support by an extra year which is great. There are also dedicated forums set up by each of the developers where they will contribute helpful hints and answer any questions.

For a theme website that delivers the combination of support, choice and quality, you should look no further than Themeforest.