Three Reasons You Should Use The Genesis Framework

Before explaining why you need to use the Genesis Framework on your website, we will start off by explaining exactly what a theme framework is. A quick Google search shows a surprising lack of articles explaining what a WordPress theme framework even does. Theme frameworks can be thought of as like the daddy of all themes. The framework is universal across your website and works as a parent theme template. This allows your site to remain functional even if there are issues with the "child" themes. The so-called child themes are what add a unique look to your page. That is, it contains all the visual styling elements that add a unique touch. Having a theme framework for your website means that it can remain functional even if there are issues with the individual stylistic child themes.

That brings us to the Genesis Theme framework. This is the creme de la creme of framework options available for the WordPress platform. Most stellar websites are run by owners that make use of this framework. If you are serious about creating a stable website that you can trust to remain functional, using the Genesis framework for your themes goes along way to achieving these goals. Here are three of the most important reasons that you need to use it.

1. Support. It is always nice to know that someone has our backs when we get into trouble and the same rings true in an online world where issues like security and coding that some of us don't understand all that well are of paramount importance in running a decent website. The Genesis framework is looked after by developers from the theme website StudioPress. The great thing about this framework is that it is updated on an almost constant basis.

You may have heard of best practices for such professions as accounting and law, but it might surprise you to know that there are also best practices for coding. The Genesis framework is coded to meet these specific standards of quality ensuring you can be safe in the knowledge that your website's theme is backed up by a high standard of programming. If you run into an issue with your theme it is easy to request help. You can either get a support ticket or get help on the StudioPress community. This is in contrast to purchasing a theme that may have been developed by someone who promises updates and support but fails to deliver. It is so reassuring in the early stages of your website's life to know that the support is there if you run into problems. The Genesis frame work provides that support.

2. Price. You need to pay an ongoing fee to receive the updates and support that some developers provide with their themes. The great thing about Genesis that you pay a once off fee for using the framework and you have access to it for life. In the early stages of getting your new website online and setting it up, it is hard to justify spending big money on it considering that you don't know if it will be a success or not. Buying the genesis framework and a suitable child theme means that you can have your website up and running the way you want it to look for $80. You will get support and the latest updates without needing to pay another cent to anyone. You also get a developer license with any purchase of Genesis. What this means is that you can use it and the accompanying child theme on an unlimited number of other websites.

3. Convenient. As the owner of a website you want it to be as stress free as possible. The great thing about Genesis is that when the framework needs updating, you won't lose all the changes you have made to your websites wonderful design. Your customizations are stored in the files of the child theme. This means it is easy to update the framework without affecting the look of your website. The child theme is like a paint job on a car. The car in this case is the Genesis framework. Any functionality changes will just make the car more sturdy and run better, but won't affect the look of it on the outside. No update can do any damage to the customized look that your website takes on. This is wonderful to know because as we said, you want the experience of running a website to be as stress free as possible. The Genesis framework provides a stress free environment for your WordPress site.

You can read more about the framework and buy it at the following link: It is only $60 to buy which is worthwhile given what it provides for your website.